Comfort Shoes
& Custom Orthotics

Foot Sensation! takes our time to first assess your biomechanics and gait (walking function) to help create the right custom orthotic for your feet and lifestyle.

The most advanced and cutting edge techniques are then utilized to create a custom orthopaedic insert (orthotics) to correct any specific biomechanical errors originating from the foot. Orthotics can be created for the purpose of aiding to injury recovery as part of a treatment plan, for the purpose of improving daily functions, or simply for preventative purposes.

Foot Care Clinic
& Certified Orthopedics

We are a Service Oriented Retail Specialty Footwear Store which is a unique merger between a Foot Clinic and a Comfort Shoe store. We pride ourselves on being the only concept in the GTA where you can have your Custom Orthotics made on in our own in-house lab while choosing from over $1 million dollars worth of inventory in stock.

Choose from dozens of the best comfort brands such as Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, New Balance, Blundstone, Think!, Wolky, Lowa, ECCO, Clark's, Fit Flop, etc.

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